1. 一般的玻璃杯就是最好的撥芒果利器!



2. 水煮蛋也是!

21 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


3. 可愛的包裝紙別丟,對炎炎夏日的飲品不但最好的裝飾,還能擋灰塵跟蟲子~

Here's a surefire way to keep wasps out of those sweet drinks during the summer.


4. 只要兩個盤子跟一把刀就能將所有蕃茄一次切好!

Slicing all those cherry tomatoes can be tiring, but you can take care of all of them in one slice with this trick.


5. 如果你冰冰塊前先將水滾好,就能得到全透明的冰塊~左邊是煮沸過的、右邊則是一般的水。

If you boil your water before you freeze it, you'll have crystal-clear ice cubes.


6. 在鍋子裡面加入水,就不會在煎培根時濺得到處都是。

Adding a bit of water to your pan will keep your bacon from splattering too much.


7. 用吸管就能將草莓蒂輕鬆剔除!

21 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


8. 不知道酪梨是不是已經過熟?偷偷看一下莖下的顏色吧!如果是黃色或綠色那就完全沒問題,但如果是棕色,那就表示酪梨已經過熟了!

Think your avocado might be past its prime? There's an easy way to check!


9. 輕輕擠壓空的保特瓶罐就能輕易將蛋黃跟蛋白分離。

You can easily separate egg yolks from egg whites using a plastic bottle.


10. 把木湯匙放在鍋子上避免過度沸騰。

Balancing a wooden spoon across a pot of water keeps it from boiling over.


11. 用這個方法切西瓜就再也不會弄得到處都是,而且很多朋友來作客時也很方便拿取!



12. 切蘋果器還如果用來切馬鈴薯,切出來就會剛好就是炸薯條的大小!

Here's something I bet you never considered: You can use an apple slicer to make fry-sized slices of potato.


13. 線比刀子更能切出完美的蛋糕!

Looking for a fast and clean way to cut up a cake? Try floss.


14. 如果你真的很急得開酒、手邊又沒有開瓶器的話…

21 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


15. 用竹筷排好黏上膠帶,你也能自己製作壽司墊!

You can make your own your own sushi-rolling mat using wooden kabob sticks and duct tape.


16. 只要直立切就能夠輕鬆切下玉米粒!

If you need corn OFF the cob, here's an easy way to do it without making your kitchen a disaster.


17. 想迅速增添酒的風味,可以倒進攪拌機裡,雖然看起來有些古怪,但對風味的確有幫助,尤其對新酒更有用喔!

For a convenient way to improve aroma and bouquet, try aerating your wine in a blender.


18. 想要煮出完美水煮蛋,只要在蛋上插上圖釘就能讓水煮蛋更好剝~

For perfectly boiled eggs, punch a hole in the base of the egg with a thumbtack BEFORE you boil it. It sounds crazy, but it works!


19. 如果你想快速幫好幾個馬鈴薯剝皮的話,只要乾淨的廁所刷加上蓮蓬頭就可以囉!



20. 需要一次削好大量蘋果?那就用電鑽來加速吧!(使用時記得小心安全喔!)